Moor Park in B3!

Moor Park in B3!

Op 11 mei 2019 speelt de rockband Moor Park in B3!

Logo Moor Park

To rock, like it’s your last day!

That’s what the rockband from North-Holland, Moor Park, is all about. When words can’t describe, the music speaks: heavy riffs, powerful melodies and solid rock. With influences from different rock heroes like Foo Fighters, Coldplay, U2 and Imagine Dragons, Moor Park takes you on a journey with their vibrant sound.

Rough, compelling, explosive but mostly pure. The chemistry between the band members makes their shows even better.

After a restart in 2018 with a new singer, Moor Park is ready: to conquer the world. Stage after stage, show after show.

Moor Park’s motto: For music. For fame. And glory.

Moor Park:

JAKE -Singer
MICHIEL – Guitarist
JIMMY – Drummer